Advanced Light Duty Wiping!

Ideal for wiping applications requiring clean, delicate, low lint performance.

New, efficient wipe sizes in attractive usage-control boxes with lint reducing, anti-static film covers

  • Low lint, Virgin Fiber for Low Particulate, Non Streak Cleaning
  • Ultra Soft, Non-Abrasive, for Sensitive and Delicate Surface Wiping and Polishing
  • Absorbent and Strong┬áto Effectively Absorb and Hold Liquids
Item # Item Name Description
152015 Critical Task Wiper 4.5 X 8.0 in. 1-ply 280/Box 60 Boxes 16,800 EA.
152017 Critical Task Wiper 14.5 x 16.0 in. 1-ply 140/Box 15 Boxes 2,100 EA.
152020 Critical Task Wiper 14.5 x 16.0 IN. 3-Ply 90/Box 15 Boxes 1,350 EA
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