Absorbents for those chemical spills!

Hazmat Absorbents are ideal for responding to spills with unknown liquids. These pads and rolls will absorb virtually all acid and base liquids. These products are quickly deployed and recovered in hazardous spill applications. Use booms to confine large spills & mats to clean up!

Item # Size (in) Packaging Type
ATYPB-H 16 x 20 in 100/Bale Medium-Weight
CH100 15 x 19 in 100/Case Medium-Weight
CH1212 15 x 19 in 200/Bale30/Pallet Medium-Weight
Item # Size (in) Packaging Type
CH15P 15 in. x 150 ft 1 Roll/Case Medium-Weight
CH30DP 30 in. x 150 ft 1 Roll/Case Medium-Weight
AT-FYHR150 30 in. x 150 ft 1 Roll/Bag Medium-Weight
Item # Size (in) Packaging
ATYS430 3 in. x 4 ft 30/Case
ATYS820 3 in. x 8 ft 20/Case
HAZ412 3 in. x 4 ft 12/Case
HAZ124 3 in. x 12 ft 4/Case
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